Top Sanitizer Station

Top Sanitizer Stations A sanitizer station encourages hand hygiene, minimizing germ spread.  Sanitizer Stations- The New Normal As we all adapt to the new normal, sanitizer stations will continue to serve an important role in encouraging hand hygiene and minimizing germ spread in businesses and communities. Whether they are placed in gyms and fitness centers, […]

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand Branded hand sanitizer stands not only provide functionality but also provide branding and marketing opportunities. Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand and Station As employees, guests, customers and businesses get back to “normal,” branded hand sanitizer stands are becoming more popular. As the pandemic hit, many rushed to provide whatever sanitizing solutions they […]

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Station

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Station Why a hand sanitizer floor stand station brings peace of mind to customers, staff, and guests. Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Stations- a New Permanent Fixture As life moves on during the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer floor stand stations have become a new permanent fixture in our lives. From restaurants, to […]

Best Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Best Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Automatic sanitizer dispenser stand and station options, features and info. Overview of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Products Searching Google or other search engines for “automatic sanitizer dispenser stands?” Looking for information on sanitizer stand products for your facility? We’re glad you found our post and hope that it brings some […]

GBAC Star Accreditation

GBAC STAR Accreditation for Facilities Overview of the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities, and the role sanitizer stands play. GBAC STAR Accreditation Program on Cleaning, Disinfection, and Infectious Disease Prevention for Facilities ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), have created […]

School Donation Form

Enter your school for consideration into our Public School Donation Program To be considered for our donations, fill out the form below. If your school is chosen in future donations we will contact you and provide a FREE sanitizer product. Good luck! Spread the love about our school donation programs! 1. Share this donation form […]

AHLA Safe Stay Sanitizer Stands

AHLA Safe Stay Recommended Sanitizer Stands and Guidelines​ Overview of the AHLA Safe Stay guidelines, and the role of sanitizer stands to keep guests and staff safe. The American Hotel and Lodging Association, or AHLA, is an industry trade group with members including hotels, REITs, bed and breakfasts and industry partners and suppliers. A trusted […]

Places of Worship offer security and safety to the local community

Hand Sanitizer Stand for Churches Places of Worship were some of the first gathering places that brought people back together by following reopening guidelines and in doing so help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The most successful churches adopted policies to keep their congregations safe. Here are some helpful tips from the First Presbyterian Church […]

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