Top Sanitizer Station

Top Sanitizer Stations

A sanitizer station encourages hand hygiene, minimizing germ spread. 

Sanitizer Stations- The New Normal

As we all adapt to the new normal, sanitizer stations will continue to serve an important role in encouraging hand hygiene and minimizing germ spread in businesses and communities. Whether they are placed in gyms and fitness centers, offices, museums, churches, zoos, retail stores, schools, and other facilities, customers, guests and employees expect them as the new normal.

When Covid-19 hit, the CDC and other health agencies were learning about the virus and how it spreads. One directive that has been stressed from day one is hand hygiene.  As the CDC states:

“Hand hygiene is a way of cleaning one’s hands that substantially reduces potential pathogens (harmful microorganisms) on the hands. Hand hygiene is considered a primary measure for reducing the risk of transmitting infection among patients and health care personnel. Hand hygiene procedures include the use of alcohol-based hand rubs (containing 60%–95% alcohol) and hand washing with soap and water.”

With that and other directions, such as mask wearing and social distancing, businesses and facilities began adding sanitizer stations as a way to encourage healthy habits and to do their part in reducing transmissions. 

sanitizer station

A Sanitizer Station Provides Many Important Benefits

When used correctly, including the right hand sanitizer liquid or gel, a sanitizer station is a must have fixture for many. Additionally, having a professional looking sanitizing station should be a priority for most. Unfortunately, many businesses have placed make-shift stations in front of customers and guests that may get the job done but do not make a good impression. 

When it is time to add or upgrade your sanitizing solutions, keep the experts at Swan Sanitizers in mind. Our touch-free dispensers, wipe stands, foot operated dispenser stands and other products will meet your needs.

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