Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand

Branded hand sanitizer stands not only provide functionality but also provide branding and marketing opportunities.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand and Station

As employees, guests, customers and businesses get back to “normal,” branded hand sanitizer stands are becoming more popular. As the pandemic hit, many rushed to provide whatever sanitizing solutions they could find as stock levels were hit or miss. Some opted for simple sanitizer pump bottles on a table while others found Purrell or similar stands.

As time went on, businesses realized that their hand sanitizer stands and stations would be a main point of attraction and would be getting tons of eyeballs on them throughout the day. As a result, plain old pump bottles or basic stands left much to be desired. 

branded hand sanitizer stand

Swan Sanitizers Leads in Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands

Swan Sanitizers saw this need and fulfilled it, providing custom branded sanitizer stands and stations from day one. The majority of our stands come with branded signs and graphics that are easy to replace when needed. For example, our Basic Sanitizer Stands include either a 8.5″ x 11″ sign frame or a 11″ x 14″ sign frame that allows you to slide in and out the graphics of choice.

Want more graphics? Our Floor Sanitizer Stand includes a beautiful 1/2″ rigid graphic that is 14″ x 60″ tall! Other branded hand sanitizer stands include our Wipes Stands and Premium Indoor and Outdoor Stands that feature 4 sided graphics that make a statement.

Use Cases for Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands

As you see, there are numerous benefits and use cases for branded hand sanitizer stands and stations. As these stands will be expected for years to come and are the new normal. With that said, businesses everywhere are stepping up their games and upgrading to more visually appealing sanitizing stations and solutions. We are here to help when you are ready to do the same…

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