Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

Swan Sanitizers specializes in commercial hand sanitizer stations for offices, government, and businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations to Keep Staff and Guests Safe

For commercial properties and businesses, there has never been a more urgent need for keeping employees, customers, and guests safe.  Commercial hand sanitizer stations are now a must for not only health purposes but also for the psychological benefits they provide. 

As the world slowly returns back to work and to visit businesses, commercial properties and business owners alike are taking proactive steps to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and that the spread is minimized to the fullest extent possible.

Included with these plans are the use of masks, temperature checks, dividers, social distancing, and hand sanitizer stations and dispensers. The importance of hand hygiene has been well documented by the CDC, FDA, WHO and others and will be stressed for years to come. 

Types of properties using commercial hand sanitizer stations

commercial hand sanitizer stations

As with all necessary COVID-19 supplies, commercial hand sanitizer stations may be hard to come by. With a large demand and need worldwide, supplies fluctuate (who remembers fighting for toilet paper?). The good news is Swan Sanitizers specializes in hand sanitizer stands, stations, and wall mount or table top dispensers for commercial applications. We also handle bulk orders quickly to meet your needs.

How do I order commercial hand sanitizer stations?

When you are ready to order some hand sanitizer stations and products, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase:

Once you have determined quantities, type of products, and an overall plan, simply browse our shop and place your order securely online. If you are looking for bulk discounts and pricing, fill out our bulk form and our sales swan will reach out quickly to discuss. 

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for! We have had many customers come to us after purchasing a low cost sanitizer stand after realizing the product and company they purchased from did not provide a long-term solution and had poor customer service.

Our stands and stations are made to last. We even offer indoor/outdoor stations that have enclosed dispensers, along with various products for all budgets. In addition, your purchases help us donate products to public schools – see our Public Schools Donation Program.

Stay safe and keep your employees, guests, and customers coming back with our commercial hand sanitizer stations!

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