Helping Public Schools, One Donation at a Time

Swan Sanitizers has been committed to supporting public schools through donations of our hand sanitizer stands, stations, and dispensers. 

Our Story

A pair of entrepreneurs and brothers spent over 10 years building a successful event technology business working with clients like Tiffany & Co., Coca-Cola, and iHeartMedia, and are now manufacturing hand sanitizer stands as the pandemic has forced them to pivot.

In March, as the world was in the early stages of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, their event technology company saw a flood of booked event cancellations. As future events worldwide were put on hold, revenues were brought to a stand still. As a result, the small, family-owned business had to cut costs, lay off employees, and reimagine their company.

Swan Sanitizers is Born

With years of design, manufacturing and graphics related experience, they knew that they could produce products that could help their clients and others stay safe, help their business survive, and ultimately bring jobs back. Within weeks, they created their first hand sanitizer stand prototype that provided branding and customization opportunities for customers… Swan Sanitizers was born.

Over the next month, the brothers focused on building a product line-up, finding the best parts and suppliers, and creating great products that were made to withstand the pandemic. Besides basic and economical sanitizer stands, the pair built premium and customizable enclosed stands that could be used indoors or outdoors. 

“As with many other entrepreneurs and business owners, the Covid pandemic was something we never could have imagined or planned for. We quickly realized that live events were not going to come back anytime soon and that we needed to pivot in order to save our business that we spent over a decade building. After many weeks of strategizing, we decided that we could design and  build sanitizer stands and stations that would be useful for many businesses and events in the near future.”

Swan Sanitizers and the Events Industry

As the world continues to get back to “normal,” we knew we had to help out the industry that has helped us get to where we are and were before the pandemic. 

As a result, Swan Sanitizers officially began an Event Sanitizer Station Rental Program allowing event planners, event venues, marketing agencies, festivals, brands and others in the events industry to rent hand sanitizer stations (or purchase). We are looking forward to helping events provide sanitizer solutions that will help attendees feel and be safe as events come back.

Our Public Schools Donation Program

“With public schools across the U.S. closing and having difficulty safely re-opening, we also felt that we could play a small part in assisting a safe return for kids, school staff, and teachers. So, from day one we began our Public Schools Donation Program that helps us donate sanitizer, stands, stations and other products to public schools. We also hope to inspire other small business owners that are facing similar challenges.” 

How can your school participate?  You can have any teacher, school, or school district fill out our Public Schools Donation Form to be considered.  

As businesses, schools, churches, offices, retail locations, restaurants, hotels, and even live events slowly reopen, hand hygiene and sanitizer stands will be a necessity and expected by students, employees, customers, and guests for years to come. 

Many businesses are realizing that they will need long-term, more permanent sanitizing solutions for years to come. Swan Sanitizers specializes in permanent sanitizer stands, bulk orders, and custom branded sanitizer stations that are built to last.

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5 Scientific Golden Rules to Safely Reopen Schools

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning News clip that includes sanitizers as one of the 5 “Golden Rules” to help keep our schools safe.

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