Call for Sponsors

Support our school programs and together we can donate much needed sanitizing solutions to the schools and teachers that need it most. 

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Public schools desperately need our help. We are calling for generous sponsors and businesses like you to partner up to help meet some of their requests.

With public schools across the U.S. closing and having difficulty safely re-opening, we felt that we could play a small part in assisting a safe return for kids, school staff, and teachers. So, from day one we began our Public Schools Donation Program that helps us donate hand sanitizer, touch-free sanitizer stands, and dispensers to public schools nationwide.

After our first few donations, we quickly realized that schools have a massive need for the sanitizing products that we offer. As word spread, we soon became overwhelmed and flooded with donation requests. Many teachers have been allocated just one pump bottle of sanitizer for their class, and schools just a few dispensers and stands. Additionally, teachers have been purchasing needed supplies out of pocket in an effort to keep students and staff safe.

Our team soon realized that our small program had the potential to make a large impact. As a family owned small business though, we did not have the resources to do it alone. As a result, our team is calling for sponsors, businesses, places of worship, charities and foundations that would like to help out schools too. 

Simply put, without our sponsors, Swan Sanitizers would not be able to provide as many products to public schools across the country. Whether it is a small contribution or a large corporate sponsorship, all dollars help minimize further outbreaks and closures within schools. By becoming a sponsor, you are furthering our mission and helping make a difference.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to donate sanitizer products to help keep public schools safe. We believe small acts of kindness can make big differences. We value giving back, especially in times of need.

# of Current Schools/Districts Requesting Supplies​
donation requests

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our school sponsorship program is making an impact on our communities, teachers, school children, and school staff and we’re now looking for partners to help meet current needs. 

$10,000 - $25,000+

$50,000 - $100,000+

$250,000 - $500,000+


1. Choose a sponsorship opportunity and contribution amount based on the # of schools you’d like to help


2. We work with school districts to allocate needed products based on 100% of your contribution dollars


3. Sanitizer, stands, and/or dispensers are delivered to schools along with a detailed order sheet

Typical School Packages

Additional Sponsorship Perks

This is a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties, help public school students and staff stay safe, and be closely associated with a unique and timely program.
"We are LOVING your hand-sanitizer station! Thank you again for the donation. It is incredibly helpful during these challenging times. We have the station at the front gates. Every child who enters campus from that location uses the station as soon as they enter campus. It’s really been great."
Terry Worthington
Principal, Deer Canyon Elementary (San Diego)

Let's collaborate and help these schools that are in need!

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