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Public School Donation Programs

We help schools safely reopen and stay safe by donating much needed sanitizer products to schools and teachers nationwide.

Swan Sanitizers is working with local communities, businesses, and corporate sponsors to help schools safely reopen and stay open by donating sanitizer and sanitizer stands to districts and teachers nationwide. As hand hygiene is one of the best defenses and proactive approaches to minimizing germ spread, we are helping schools encourage healthy practices.

With public schools across the U.S. closing and having difficulty safely re-opening, we felt that we could play a small part in assisting a safe return for kids, school staff, and teachers. So, from day one we began our Public Schools Donation Program that have received rave reviews.

After our first few donations, we quickly realized there was a massive need for sanitizing products at public schools. Many teachers have been allocated just one pump bottle of sanitizer for their class, and schools just a few dispensers and stands. Additionally, teachers have been purchasing needed supplies out of pocket in an effort to keep students and staff safe.

We are currently working on expanding to states and school districts nationwide and appreciate all support for our initiatives in advance. 

"We are LOVING your hand-sanitizer station! Thank you again for the donation. It is incredibly helpful during these challenging times. We have the station at the front gates. Every child who enters campus from that location uses the station as soon as they enter campus. It’s really been great."
Terry Worthington
Principal, Deer Canyon Elementary (San Diego)

1. We donate sanitizer, touch-free sanitizer stands, and dispensers to public schools.

WHO IS IT FOR? Teachers, principals, and other school staff.

Fill out our donation form to be eligible for future donations for your school!

2. Our Help a School Gift Card Program encourages parents and local communities to chip in.

WHO IS IT FOR? Parents, local businesses, and your community

Encourage your parents and community to purchase gift cards for your classroom and/or school. Teachers or schools redeem the gift cards for sanitizer, dispensers and sanitizer stands!

3. Local businesses and corporate sponsors help propel our donations.

WHO IS IT FOR? Small to large businesses and corporations that want to help support our mission.

Our local businesses and corporate sponsors that support our school programs help provide needed sanitizing solutions to schools and teachers.

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