Sanitizer Stands in 2021

Sanitizer Stands and Stations in 2021

So long 2020, we won’t miss you! As the world enters a new year, sanitizer stands and stations will play a small role in helping 2021 transition “back to normal.” With vaccines beginning to get administered, and businesses and facilities being more equipped to handle Covid related issues, 2021 will provide some necessary hope to many.

Last year, businesses, schools, and others scrambled to find sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, N95 masks, face shields, sanitizing stations, gloves, and other PPE related items. Huge demand caused issues with supply chains and availability of these and other products (remember the mad dashes for toilet paper?). One thing is for certain, our world is in a better position and has more knowledge to make 2021 a better year as we work to beat Covid-19 once and for all.

Sanitizer stands in 2021- what role will the play?

sanitizer stands in 2021

As the new year kicks off, many schools, businesses, offices, hotels, retail stores, theaters, parks, churches, and others are re-evaluating their plan to provide a safe environment for customers, guests, and employees. 

Do we have the necessary PPE supplies? What PPE supplies do we need to safely reopen? How can we make our staff, guests, and customers feel safe and comfortable? What guidelines does the CDC, WHO and other medical professionals recommend?

Although many have been able to put a plan in place, so many others are realizing there is major room for improvements with their safety protocols and needs. 

For one, sanitizer stands and sanitizing stations have only scratched the surface for the need that is out there. As customers, we have all entered a restaurant, retail store, or other location that did not have a sanitizer stand, dispenser or wipes available. As a result, many do not return to these locations as the level of comfortability is affected. 

Besides the necessary wall mount dispensers, masks, gloves, and disinfecting, touch-free sanitizer stands in 2021 will continue to grow. By offering a convenient way to wash and clean hands, they provide a cost-effective and versatile solution for many. 

Additionally, they are now expected by staff, customers and guests. The new normal during the pandemic have shifted consumer’s thoughts and expectations regardless of where they are. 

Can sanitizer stands in 2021 save the day?

Sanitizer stands and stations will continue to play an important role in beating the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they will not save the day on their own, when used in conjunction with all of the other critical guidelines (i.e. social distancing, masks, disinfecting, etc.), they will help get our country back to where we all want to be. 

But as we will see moving forward this year and even in 2022, sanitizing is here to stay. As such, our team will be here to guide and help others so that we can all get together with family and friends safely moving forward…

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